6 Key Benefits of Wireless Vehicle Modems for Fleets

From manufacturers to police departments, there are many organizations across a wide range of sectors that are leveraging IIoT solutions to monitor and track their assets and strengthen relationships with customers. For mobile mission-critical applications, wireless data vehicle modems give your fleet a secure network and the ability to access important information quickly.

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Solid-State and Rugged Design

Are your modems exposed to daily wear and tear or rattled by heavy equipment? Wireless vehicle modems will stay true and stand tough. Equipment that breaks when dropped or rattled or fails in tough environments won’t make the cut. Protect your access to critical information with a Sierra Wireless modem from Wireless. These modems are designed specifically for tough environments and deliver advanced connectivity with access to critical data for your rugged workforce. 

Wireless offers vehicle modems that have superior reliability and offer continuous operation in harsh environments. Avoid equipment maintenance with industrial-grade design features that resist dust, water, vibration, shock and extreme temperature.  

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

For critical safety and data security, wireless vehicle modems from Wireless come standard with VPN sessions to keep your communications protected. Remote authentication management software allows the implementation of professional-grade systems to control access to devices in the field. Secure sign on and user authentication offer protection of unwanted software upgrades and malware. Your network will stay secure so your team can send and receive important information securely.

Extended Range and Performance

Long-range Wi-Fi and ethernet are essential for fast downloads and messaging. Sierra Wireless vehicle modems from Wireless deliver an enterprise network to work further and faster than ever before.

Our modems support a complete portfolio of broadband mission-critical applications, including:

  • Laptops, DVRs, and tablets
  • Live video streaming
  • Rapid and secure access to remote databases
  • Record management systems

For mission-critical applications involving public safety, transit, and field services in Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or New Jersey, our equipment enables remote communication in real time. It’s a dependable solution for all of your mobile communication needs – especially in situations where every second matters.

Built-in GPS Tracking

This solution is ideal for managers who want to keep track of their vehicle fleet. GPS tracking allows you the ability to see where your resources, equipment and people are at all times. Location information can be streamed locally for in-vehicle driver navigation and dispatch systems. Remote options are available for integration with third-party applications. GPS tracking helps you allocate resources properly, manage productivity levels, and keep your workforce safe.

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Private and Commercial Network Coverage

Our Sierra Wireless vehicle modems provide connectivity to both private and commercial networks. They also offer Wi-Fi services for content filtering. By connecting mission-critical applications, vehicles, laptops, DVRs and tablets, users can stay connected and keep your team on task.

With next-generation vehicle connections, operations can be streamlined. You can reduce the costs of out-dated assignments and downtime. Connecting to your team in real-time allows for instant reporting, alerts, and synchronized business operations.  

Geo-Fencing Support

Precision geo-location software allows for local data streaming over an entire geographical region. Your integrated mobile network allows for multiple devices, vehicles and team members to stay connected in real-time.

Location information can be streamed locally to connect in-vehicle driver navigation and dispatch systems. It allows for resource tracking, along with constant communication and emergency service needs. 

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Vehicle modems from Wireless will help your business stay connected with a secure, reliable network. Our team of factory trained, certified specialists will work with you to ensure that your business has the durable equipment, dependable accessories, and key features your team needs to stay connected. They can instantly relay mission-critical information and increase productivity.

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