Wireless Company History

25 years of connecting teams to industry leading voice, data, and video solutions.

Motorola Service Elite Specialist Logo

Wireless operates seven locations throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our Sales and Service Centers are fully staffed with over 100 professionally trained employees.

Wireless has been providing service to many government agencies and business enterprises for over 25 years, spanning the transition from Motorola Company Owned Service Centers (COSCs) to the Wireless Corporations in 1995. We are proud to say that our clients rely on our expertise to keep their operations safe, efficient, productive and connected instantly with the push of a button in moments that matter.

We are staffed with engineering and project management support, system installation technicians and field service technicians, all trained and certified for the service and maintenance of your mission-critical communications system. Our Motorola certified sales and service teams are focused on providing the technology solutions you need.

Commercial Enterprise, State and Local Government or Federal Government Enterprises – let Wireless help you develop solutions you can depend on.

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