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APX 6000

Legendary APX ruggedness and reliability, without compromising on features.

APX 6500

An advanced, easy to operate, and intuitive mission critical mobile radio.

APX 8000

A radio designed and built to deliver in the harshest environments.

Multi-Unit Chargers


Speaker Mics

Effective agency communication is vital in informing actions that protect the safety and security of the nation. As technology evolves, so does communication. Stay connected with Motorola, a trusted partner in federal government communication solutions.

Motorola two-way radios for government agents allow your Mid-Atlantic States agency to communicate essential information when it’s needed most. Safety is embedded in the construction and technology of Motorola radios, allowing for seamless coordination and instant communication that doesn’t distract from the situation at hand. Motorola federal government radios, Motorola Team Communications, and Motorola Project 25 Public Safety Radios maximize workforce communication to help agencies protect the safety and well-being of the nation.


Motorola federal government radios are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, built with prominent emergency buttons and advanced safety features for reliable response in any situation.

Video Surveillance

Safeguard your personnel, department, and equipment from intruders and theft. Our inventory includes indoor and outdoor surveillance models, multiple mounting options, and lenses capable of panoramic viewing to ensure that all areas of your facility are covered.

Incident Management Software

Simplify your security operations with an easy-to-use platform for managing incident records and dispatch, communicating instantly across devices, and making proactive security decisions.

Dispatch Consoles

Our consoles offer dispatchers seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging with interoperable capabilities that reach across multiple applications and deliver real-time insights.

Rugged Computers

With our rugged Toughbook computers, your people can share information in real-time. This is essential for creating accurate records, managing the flow of data, making tactical decisions, and gathering data to make informed decisions.

In-Building Coverage

Eliminate dead zones using bi-directional amplifiers and distributed antenna systems that work to boost reception and wireless signals for two-way radios and cell phones throughout your facility.

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