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Many incidents in the workplace require security teams to communicate information in real-time. Fast and effective communication among security teams is mission-critical, allowing personnel to respond to theft, accidents, and disturbances quickly with the most accurate information available. Organizations and teams vary in size and operation, which is why Wireless provides a wide range of security radio options to meet the needs of each individual user.

Property management involves a lot of moving parts and you need a durable, reliable communications system that will instantly connect all of the pieces over a secure network. Two-way radios for property management in the Mid-Atlantic States are less expensive and more reliable than using cellular networks. Once they’re set up, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees to use the network. The benefits of selecting a two-way radio system for your company include; enhanced worker safety, specialized workflows, GPS technology, and much more.

Exchange information in real-time with integrated two-way radios, video surveillance, and mobile Toughbook computers. Eliminate communication barriers, enhance the spread of key information, and elevate security and resident satisfaction in your Mid-Atlantic States business with the Motorola two-way radios for security and property management.


Two-way radios for security guards and property management personnel are designed to be compact and lightweight for easy carrying, and offer extended battery life for long shifts, and advanced safety features for quick emergency response.

Radio Systems

Whether you’re securing or monitoring the grounds of a single building or entire campus, our radio systems offer maximum coverage, capacity, and control to keep your operation connected and safe.

In-Building Coverage

Eliminate dead zones using bi-directional amplifiers and distributed antenna systems that work to boost reception and wireless signals for two-way radios and cell phones throughout your facility.

Multi-Device Communications

Motorola WAVE is a subscription-based group communication service that takes push-to-talk (PTT) beyond the boundaries of radio. Instantly connect your team across devices, networks, and locations.

Video Surveillance

Keep your facilities secure with advanced video surveillance cameras that continuously monitor entry points in real-time and accurately identifies faces and behavioral patterns of people and vehicles.

Rugged Computers

With our rugged Toughbook computers, your people can share information in real-time. This is essential for creating accurate records, managing the flow of data, making tactical decisions, and gathering data to make informed decisions.

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