Police Body-Worn Cameras for the Mid-Atlantic States

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NJ Lawmakers vote to put $58 million toward police body cameras

Source: NJ Spotlight https://bit.ly/2L0UM8Q


Officers know to expect the unexpected. When a single shift suddenly turns into a double, the equipment they depend on can’t give up. Wireless is the leading dealer for the best police body cameras from Motorola Watchguard and Panasonic in the Mid-Atlantic States.

These police body-worn cameras enable law enforcement officers to gather airtight evidence while on the move and helps to preserve and verify the chain of evidence. The rugged design of these impressive body-worn video cameras provides continuous operation well beyond a 12-hour shift, capturing crystal clear video and audio of every encounter in the most challenging environments.



Protect officers and the communities they serve. Ruggedized, continuous-operation body cameras with advanced communications and recording capabilities help keep officers connected and evidence secure while in the field.



Be confident the evidence you captured is secure, and keep it that way. Recordings are encrypted, so your officers can send critical video back to headquarters from the field knowing their evidence is protected from online threats.



Send critical video back to headquarters while still in the field. When docked in the car, body camera can upload to cloud-based or on-premise evidence management systems via wireless networks like LTE and FirstNet, anytime, anywhere.



Body cams and in-car cameras can work seamlessly as a single system, capturing synchronized video of an incident from multiple vantage points and automatically synchronizing it for playback and sharing.



Go back in time and capture video from events days after they happened, even when a recording wasn’t automatically triggered or initiated by the officer. Don’t rely on mere seconds of pre-event buffering to prove your case.



Manage, store, and share evidence in the cloud, on-premise, or on a dedicated PC/MDT. Easily locate and playback recordings captured in the field, with options to synchronize video and audio from multiple devices for a comprehensive view of critical events.

Get More Value

Boost the benefits of using body-worn cameras by investing in options and accessories to make the tool an even more valuable addition to your technology lineup. Accessories like one-touch record and one-touch photo make using your camera easier than ever. Password protection, time/date stamp, instant file tagging, GPS, and real-time streaming all offer additional safety to your agency and officers. Wireless offers many more accessories and options you’re likely to be interested in as well.

WatchGuard: One system. One Purpose

WatchGuard video camera systems and evidence management software work as one highly integrated, synchronized system capturing the most compelling and unbiased video evidence of officers doing what they do best: protecting the communities they serve. Add WatchGuard to the devices you already own or new devices and elevate your camera systems to new heights. WatchGuard Video is the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement.

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Conduct thorough post-incident reviews and analysis.

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Real-time recording and actionable intelligence of critical events.

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Toughbook laptops and tablets for actionable data in the field.

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