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Global demand for oil is at an all-time high and is expected to continue growing. Safety is one of the greatest concerns the industry faces; being able to maintain communication during potentially dangerous situations is imperative. That is why oil, gas, and mining companies mandate the use of intrinsically safe equipment to safeguard personnel working in hazardous locations with potentially explosive substances.

Motorola intrinsically safe radios and accessories used by oil, gas and mining personnel in the Mid-Atlantic States are certified as a system, ensuring that industry safety and performance requirements are strictly upheld.


Wireless offers intrinsically safe two-way radios designed to not create a spark or emit an electrical charge when in operation for safe use in hazardous environments.

Radio Systems

From a single refinery to offshore rigs sprawling across Mid-Atlantic States, our radio systems offer maximum coverage, capacity, and control to keep your operation connected and safe.

In-Building Coverage

Eliminate dead zones using bi-directional amplifiers and distributed antenna systems that work to boost reception and wireless signals for two-way radios and cell phones throughout your facility.

Video Surveillance

Safeguard your personnel and facility from intruders and theft. Our inventory includes indoor and outdoor models, multiple mounting options, and lenses capable of panoramic viewing to ensure that all areas of your facility are covered.

Incident Management

Simplify your security operations with an easy-to-use platform for managing incident records and dispatch, communicating instantly across devices, and making proactive security decisions.

System Design & Engineering

Whether you’re a small operation or large corporation, Wireless has the expertise and experience to design a system that fits your operation and budget.

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