Certified Panasonic Partner

25 years of connecting teams to industry leading voice, data, and video solutions.

Wireless is a Panasonic Authorized Dealer for the Mid-Atlantic States providing Toughbook laptops, tablets, body-worn and in-car cameras. This means that our team has gone through additional training from Panasonic to supply and service their devices. Being an authorized dealer and Panasonic partner also means that we are experts in helping public safety agencies across the Mid-Atlantic States select the right Panasonic equipment to meet their mission-critical communication requirements.

We take great pride in being the Mid-Atlantic States’s leading provider of Panasonic cameras and Toughbook devices. Wireless has been serving the needs of the Mid-Atlantic States public safety community for over 25 years and we look forward to many more great years of service ahead.

Our partnership with Panasonic allows us to offer you the latest video and data communications equipment for public safety agencies. This includes a wide range of mobile data applications and equipment designed for use in rugged industries that routinely work in demanding environments both in the office and on the streets.

Disruptive technologies are changing how we live our lives, connect with others, and interact with data. By working closely with government agencies on the front line and engaging in unique strategic partnerships, Panasonic is taking a 360-degree approach to creating a better world. Panasonic is helping governments transform communities through innovative initiatives, including:

  • Public safety solutions that help first responders act decisively
  • Smart city planning to make our daily lives easier
  • Energy and energy storage solutions to create a healthier environment
  • Intelligent roadways that can help reduce vehicle fatalities

Some of the best products Panasonic offers are made specifically for your government organization. While others may compromise, Panasonic is the best choice for:

  • Toughbook laptops
  • Toughbook tablets
  • Body-worn video cameras
  • In-car video cameras

The Panasonic Toughbook line offers the best laptops and tablets for your tough industry. Toughbooks are made to:

  • Be durable and resist rough handling other devices cannot
  • Offer the lowest failure rates of any rugged device and low total cost of ownership
  • Streamline time-sensitive processes like incident reporting or checking building schematics

Panasonic offers the most reliable in-car and body-worn cameras to improve your agency with:

  • Additional evidence
  • High-quality recordings
  • Boosted public opinion
  • Increased officer safety
  • Defense against false accusations
  • Accelerated emergency response
  • Easy review of training officers

Wireless is proud to be your Panasonic Toughbook shop and dealer serving public safety agencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Request your free quote today to learn how cost-effective and convenient our cameras, Toughbooks, and services are and what they can do for your agency.

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