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Two-Way Radio Consoles for Mission-Critical Operations

Officers know to expect the unexpected. When a single shift suddenly turns into a double, the equipment they depend on can’t give up. Wireless is the leading dealer for the best police body cameras from Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, and WatchGuard in the Mid-Atlantic States.

These police body-worn cameras enable law enforcement officers to gather airtight evidence while on the move and helps to preserve and verify the chain of evidence. The rugged design of these impressive body-worn video cameras provides continuous operation well beyond a 12-hour shift, capturing crystal clear video and audio of every encounter in the most challenging environments.

  • Motorola Solutions Certified Logging Recorders 
  • PremierOne™ Computer-Aided Dispatch 
  • Advanced Messaging Solution 
  • APX Personnel Accountability 

Motorola Radio Dispatch ⏤ Flexible Platform for Business-critical Dispatch Operations

The Motorola Solutions portfolio integrates with Avtec’s Scout™ RoIP dispatch consoles, including the MOTOTRBO suite of two-way radios, WAVE OnCloud, ASTRO 25 communications network, and the legacy Quantar™ line, among others.

Scout is a pure Internet Protocol (IP) communication console based on open standards, allowing the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with radio and telephony technologies. Scout is a mobile dispatch communication solution, ensuring interoperability between different locations and regions. Scout integrates all your communication center needs, whether simple, complex, or somewhere in between. Our flagship platform scales up to thousands of radio and telephony endpoints and supports hundreds of dispatch positions. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies use Avtec’s Scout Enterprise solution to reliably run their business-critical communication centers.

Find out which dispatch console is right for your agency



Experience a completely re-engineered interface that responds to touch, type, or click and surfaces the most critical information when and where you need it. Create the dispatching experience your agency wants with an extensive set of customizable features.



Emergency dispatch consoles from Motorola are built of an extensible architecture enabling bi-directional integration capabilities with other software applications found in the dispatch center. Dispatchers can place and control their primary radio resources from within their CAD application.



Ensure teams stay connected regardless of the communication network they are using. Motorola dispatch consoles enable dispatchers to seamlessly communicate and simultaneously connect across ASTRO 25 and other P25 trunking systems, MOTOTRBO Professional Systems, and more.



We understand the pain associated with updating legacy dispatch consoles. Motorola's two-way radio consoles give you total control of the updating process, making it fast and easy for you to deploy updates as you see fit. You're in charge of the update deployment schedule, and you can pretest updates before deploying them.



Your two-way radio dispatch system should work for you, not the other way around. Interact with the console however you see fit; touch, type or click. Have a public safety console that represents your agency’s identity and procedures. With this level of customization, dispatchers can focus on what matters.



Motorola consoles leverage client-server architecture, and is accessed from an elegant web-based browser. This allows full console functionality with the flexibility to change configurations across separate dispatch positions. One console is perfectly suited for a wide range of deployment scenarios.


Whether you are a small agency or an entire state, 911 dispatch consoles from Motorola quickly scale with you as your needs evolve. Flexible licenses allow you to buy only the features and capacity you want, so you don’t have to pay for functionality and resources you don’t use. Easily add features and capacity at any point as your agency requires.


Dispatchers can seamlessly communicate and connect across ASTRO 25 and other P25 trunking systems, private broadband, MOTOTRBO systems, and analog systems. By interacting with dispatchers and personnel over a wide range of different systems, two-way radio consoles from Motorola ensure that your teams stay connected. Motorola Solutions is committed to providing support for future systems, no matter what tomorrow brings.

Voice Logging Recorders

Conduct thorough post-incident reviews and analysis.

P25 Public Safety Radios

Communicate effectively with mission-critical two-way radios.


Seamless video capture for airtight evidence gathering. 

In-Vehicle Cameras

Real-time recording and actionable intelligence of critical events.

Wireless Data Modems

Quickly access vital information while on the go.

Rugged Computers

Toughbook laptops and tablets for actionable data in the field.
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