Certified WatchGuard Partner

25 years of connecting teams to industry leading voice, data, and video solutions.

Wireless is an Authorized WatchGuard Dealer providing mobile video solutions for law enforcement agencies that help keep officers connected and evidence secure. As a WatchGuard Re-Seller and Partner, our team has gone through additional training to supply, service, and connect public safety agencies to the right surveillance equipment that meets their mission-critical communication requirements.

We take great pride in being one of the Mid-Atlantic States’s leading providers of WatchGuard video surveillance devices. Wireless has been serving the needs of public safety communities for over 25 years and we look forward to many more great years of service ahead.

Our partnership with WatchGuard allows us to offer you the latest video equipment for public safety agencies. This includes a wide range of industry-leading body cameras, mobile and interview room video systems, evidence management, and software applications. WatchGuard products are designed with the user in mind and built for demanding environments to better protect the officers and the communities they serve.

With WatchGuard, your in-car video and body-worn cameras work as one integrated system to capture a single incident from multiple vantage points. Synchronization is automatic, with minimal officer involvement.

Synchronized Police Video Systems

The WatchGuard 4RE HD Panoramic in-car video system and VISTA Wi-Fi enabled body-worn cameras work together as a single system, capturing every angle of an incident for full situational awareness and airtight evidence gathering.

Evidence Management

WatchGuard has one of the highest-rated web-based evidence management systems on the market. The evidence library features synchronized playback from multiple camera views, case management to integrate all digital evidence, and cloud-share to securely share evidence in seconds.

Automation in the Field

With a fully integrated video surveillance system, WatchGuard has automated key features that enable officers to stay focused on their job knowing that the technology will work when and where they need it to. WatchGuard helps officers protect and serve with:

  • Automatic group recording when any one of the cameras is initiated
  • Wireless synchronization of clocks among all cameras to enable precise, simultaneous playback
  • Automatic event linking between body-worn and car cameras
  • Automatic incident classification synchronized between the in-car system and body cameras
  • Automatic wireless uploading to the evidence library that matches all synchronized recordings together

WatchGuard video camera systems and evidence management software work as one highly-integrated, synchronized system capturing the most compelling and unbiased video evidence in the field and at the agency, with:

  • V300 Body-Worn Cameras
  • 4RE Digital HD Panoramic In-Car Systems
  • DV-1 Direct-to-DVD In-Car Systems
  • 4REm Motorcycle Systems
  • 4RE Interview Room Cameras
  • Evidence Library 4 Web
  • Record-After-the-Fact Software
  • Integrated Case Management
  • Detail Audit Logs

Wireless is proud to be your WatchGuard distributor and dealer, serving public safety agencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Request your free quote today to learn how cost-effective and convenient our video surveillance cameras and services are and what they can do for your agency.

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