Wireless Data Modems for the Mid-Atlantic States

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Delays in sending and/or retrieving information in the field may cost lives when it involves first responders, government agencies, and law enforcement. It can also prove costly when you have hundreds of thousands of power customers in the dark or maybe trying to pinpoint the location of a gas leak. With the help of wireless data modems, your workers have access to the information they need fast.

Whether you’re a first responder dealing with a matter of life or death, or reinstating utilities for thousands of people devastated by weather disasters, Wireless has the tools and technology to keep your people connected. While access to information on-the-go is benefit enough for many organizations, the additional benefits of wireless modems certainly make the device worthwhile.

AirLink® XR80 5G High-Performance Multi-Network Router
AirLink® XR90 5G High-Performance Multi-Network Vehicle Router



In addition to the capacity of the device to transmit and receive data for devices inside the vehicle, it can also serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 30 users. This hotspot gives officers a fast network to use without competing with millions of other devices connected to cellular networks. ​



Increase the safety of your officers and community with on-board GPS. This feature can be utilized for location tracking and to optimize routes which are especially helpful when chasing criminals, responding to disasters, and saving lives. ​



Network security is one of your top priorities when it comes to the transfer of sensitive information. We understand this priority which is why our wireless broadband modems utilize a virtual private network (VPN) for additional data security.



These wireless broadband modems feature a rugged design and are made to hold up in the tough environments your agency operates in. These durable devices hold up against heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust, and vibrations.



Vehicle modems are an outstanding choice for mounting not just in police patrol cars. Command vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, school buses, public transportation buses, and utility trucks can all benefit from a 4G or 5G modem. ​



Your Public Safety IoT system needs to work with the way your agency operates. With external antennas mounted on the roof, the range and performance of your wireless data modem are now amplified. Officers can safely leave the premises of their vehicle without the fear of getting disconnected.

Always Connected

With 5G and 4G wireless modems, agencies can quickly access vital information while on-the-go. An officer’s job is already difficult and, without the information they need, can be even harder. Having a network they can rely on makes life a little easier for your team. Having access to mission-critical information allows officers to make better and safer tactical decisions when faced with one of the many dangerous situations they face in their line of work.

Improve Safety

With on-board GPS, you have the device you need to keep track of your officers. During intense events like a car chase, it’s vital for you to know exactly where your officers are and where they’re going. This makes it easier to monitor the safety of your perusing officer and allows for more efficient dispatching of responding patrols. At Wireless, our wireless modems also support the advanced technology for geo-fencing to further boost your safety and operational efficiency.

Voice Logging Recorders

Conduct thorough post-incident reviews and analysis.

P25 Public Safety Radios

Communicate effectively with mission-critical two-way radios.

Dispatch Consoles

Powerful control room solutions for relevant, real-time intelligence.

Motorola WAVE & TLK Radios

Unify devices and streamline workflows from end to end.

Rugged Computers

Toughbook laptops and tablets for actionable data in the field.

Video Surveillance

Detect and deter crime through video security and analytics.
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