Two-Way Radios vs Cell Phones: The Real Cost of Cell Phones

The Real Cost of Cell Phones

New cell phones are available every year. It’s easy to assume that they’re a great tool for wireless communication, but are they really the best option?

With the right portable and mobile radios, accessories, and application software, Arlington two-way radios might be more cost-effective for your business. To see what a custom two-way radio system solution looks like for your business, use our free Radio Selector Tool for Arlington here.

Comparing the Relevance of an Arlington Two-Way Radio to a Cell Phone

Analog two-way radios have been used by businesses for decades. With advancements in technology, digital radios are better than ever at offering clear, reliable, and effective communication on any worksite. Two-way radios are trusted globally by a variety of different industries, including:

The right equipment helps keep your team informed, ready, and connected with the most up-to-date information about their job. Two-way radios allow your team to stay connected to any device, whether that is a laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Advantages of Walkie Talkies Over Cell Phones in Arlington

Two-way radios offer a lot of benefits over cell phones for voice and data team communications. By providing your employees with the best communications solutions for their job, they can increase productivity and streamline your projects.

Reliable Coverage for Arlington Two-Way Radios vs. Cell Phones

Cell phones only operate with an active cell tower which is why they lose reception in remote areas. Two-way radios aren’t prone to problems like dead zones or network outages. They can offer clear and reliable communication in remote areas and in buildings with obstacles and interferences.

Two-way radios also provide the option of connecting with entire teams on a more secure network. When information needs to be sent to an entire group in order to keep them informed about security threats, emergency situations, or relaying customer requests, two-way radios stand above cell phones for critical communications.

Arlington Two-Way Radios Are More Durable Compared to Cell Phones

With rugged durability, two-way radios are designed to last. Compared to cell phones that require repair or replacement after drops and extreme temperatures, two-way radios are better equipped to withstand rough handling.

With our intrinsically safe options, you can provide your workforce with radio equipment suitable for hazardous environments. We offer two-way radios, batteries, and accessories that can keep your workers on task, connected, and safe while on the job, even in the most difficult conditions.

Arlington Two-Way Radios vs. Cell Phones: Reliability During an Emergency

With wider coverage, longer battery life, and mission-critical applications, emergency responders trust two-way radios in situations when every second matters. Customizable Motorola MOTOTRBO system options make two-way radios even more efficient than cellphones. You can get critical information at the touch of a button.

Communicate While Driving with Two-Way Radios

Cell phones are illegal to use while driving. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) does not restrict two-way radios entirely. If your workforce spends a lot of time on the road and is in need of communication while driving, using vehicle-mounted two-way radios is necessary for them to do their job efficiently and safely.

Money-Saving Advantages of Walkie Talkies Over Cell Phones in Arlington

When your workforce can’t communicate because their cell phone is proving to be unreliable, it contributes to a lack of production and added costs. Because two-way radios are durable and effective communication tools, your workforce can stay on task and reduce downtime.

Cell phones also require monthly service fees, along with roaming charges in remote areas. With two-way radios, there’s only an upfront cost for the equipment purchase, which is considerably lower than the continued cost of monthly cell phone fees.

Before making a purchase, Arlington two-way radio rentals allow businesses to access communication tools without having to buy an entire system. Rentals are an easy way for you to assess the system and see if it’s a match for your needs, without committing to a purchase yet.

Two-way radios offer a wireless solution that’s more budget-friendly than cellphones. We have custom solutions available for any business that wants to improve communications equipment and offer reliable tools to help teams perform at a higher level.

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