Baltimore Firefighter Radio Apps Your Department Should Use

Firefighter Radio Apps

Are you looking to maximize your existing two-way radio fleet instead of breaking the budget to purchase new equipment? New Jersey two-way radio apps for firefighters are designed to add value to your current hardware. Your department can increase efficiency and maintain the safety of your community, all while staying on budget.

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The Top New Jersey Firefighter Radio Apps

New Jersey firefighter radio apps, accessories and two-way radios allow for rapid delivery of key information within your team during emergencies. According to a recent survey conducted by FireResue1 and Motorola Solutions, public safety apps are critical for success and used effectively by firefighters today.


For mission-critical response, finding the fastest route can make a difference in life-and-death situations. According to the survey, 58% of today’s firefighters use mapping apps as trusted guides.

With New Jersey fire radio apps on your two-way radio, you have another reliable tool to get you where you’re going. With durable and long-lasting batteries, you can trust that your communications system will always be powered up and ready when every second counts.

Emergency Response Guidebook

The Emergency Response Guidebook provides first responders with information at their fingertips, instead of relying on a hard copy. According to the survey, 54% of firefighters use the guide specifically as a resource for handling Hazmat incidents involving dangerous goods.

The NIOSH Pocket Guide is another New Jersey two-way radio app for firefighters that is packed with critical information. Up-to-date information on chemical hazards, substance groupings, and general industrial hygiene help first responders evaluate critical situations quickly.


Getting broadcast call information from the dispatch center for emergency response helps everyone get locations and descriptions as soon as the call goes out. Mobile tools like Active911 help fire departments save time, money, and lives by streamlining operational tasks to promote a faster response.

According to the survey, 47% of firefighters take advantage of dispatch apps to unite systems with personal broadband devices. Some New Jersey fire radio apps allow for two-way communication. Firefighters can easily check-in and communicate location, response time, and critical information to the dispatch team.

Fire Station Automation and Alerting

The MACH Alert Fire Station Alerting and Automation app from Motorola Solutions allows firefighters to set custom alert tones by type of alert. Handled by 77% of app users, the app allows management of announcements, easy dispatch, and automatic door apparatus.

Personnel Accountability

The Motorola Solutions APX Personnel Accountability radio app helps incident commanders track ground personnel and issue notices of accountability. Used by 38% of those surveyed, it helps fire officers monitor the scene, improving firefighter safety in the process.

Sharing Information Through New Jersey Fire Department 2 Way Radio Apps

Almost half (46%) of firefighters surveyed confirmed that apps that let them share information across different networks, devices, and applications are vital. When seconds count, New Jersey fire radio apps can deliver critical communications when it comes to personnel accountability and hazard identification.

With New Jersey two-way radio apps for firefighters, your team can share information at the touch of a button. The apps help information sharing become more effective and efficient. They also help make better use of the radio system because it doesn’t rely on just voice communication.

These tools can provide a significant boost in safety, efficiency, and communication. By evaluating the goals and needs of your department, you can easily integrate apps into your operations and radio systems in New Jersey City. Visit our website for a complete catalog of apps, two-way radios, and accessories.

Take Advantage of Funding Options For New Jersey Fire Radio Apps

Grants are an ideal way to supplement a tight departmental budget in order to amplify your two-way radio assets. Administered by FEMA, key funding programs support fire departments at the federal level.

Radio communication equipment purchases fall under the equipment category of the Operations and Safety section of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program. Equipment that increases the capabilities within a department’s existing mission is a priority for these types of programs.

Having the technology to aid your team helps everyone communicate effectively, improve response times, and keep everyone safe. Our New Jersey two-way radio apps for firefighters will help you leverage your existing system to meet your department’s needs and budget.

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