Mid-Atlantic States Two-Way Radio Product Catalog

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Panasonic Arbitrator® BWC

The Arbitrator® BWC protects your officers with HD-quality video evidence capture they can wear. Engineered with upgraded features based on real officers’ feedback,…

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Arbitrator® BWC
Motorola Si200 Police Body-Worn Video Camera

With the increasing importance of video evidence in court, it’s critical that you have a simple and secure way to capture the truth and manage the evidence,…

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Si200 Police Body-Worn Video Camera
Motorola Si300 Video Speaker Microphone

The Si300 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) combines voice communications, video, still images and emergency alerting in one compact, easy-to-use device. Now agencies can…

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Si300 Video Speaker Microphone
Motorola Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) dramatically increases situational awareness, information gathering and evidence collection in the field. Part of the…

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Si500 Video Speaker Microphone
Motorola V700 LTE Body Camera

The V700 is a state-of-the-art LTE body camera that captures critical incidents and keeps you connected throughout your shift.

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V700 LTE Body Camera
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