Cell Phones vs Motorola Digital Radios in New Jersey

Why Industries Depend on Motorola Digital Radios in New Jersey

New Jersey is an active hub of business. Companies in the area are always looking for ways to remain efficient and competitive. A business is only as good as the people in it, and the way those people operate and work together. One thing that can determine the effectiveness of your business is the way it communicates.

Communication is all about speed and clarity. If your team needs information or the people making decisions can’t relay them, then business performance will be impacted. In some cases, it may even impact safety. For optimal communication across teams, New Jersey Motorola digital radios can be an essential tool.

Communication is Essential to Any Business

Industrial businesses can benefit from using Motorola two-way radios. Many, many businesses including security, transportation, property management, construction, and public works depend on these digital two-way radios. With instant, rugged, and clear wireless communications that go beyond cellular services, Motorola digital radios are the answer.

Why Radio?

Motorola digital radios in New Jersey have made many advances since the early days of two-way radios. The strengths of Motorola Radios have always been instant, rugged, cost-effective, and a dependable communication system, but with new Motorola digital enhancements to bring radio into the 21st century.

Longer Range

Motorola digital radios in New Jersey can now talk anywhere you want to communicate. If you want to connect all of your locations across the state, country, or even the world, Motorola Capacity Max has you covered.

Additionally, with Motorola WAVE™ OnCloud service, radio communication is unrestricted. Using either an LTE device or Motorola’s WAVE OnCloud app you can communicate to your team on the radio system from anywhere in the USA with this wide-area solution.


Cellular phones are delicate and can break easily. Digital two-way radios in New Jersey are built tougher and far more rugged. Heavy-duty portable radios such as the Motorola XPR™ 3000e and XPR™ 7000e can take the abuse of working in challenging environments. Also, these radios won’t stop working just because they’re dropped in water. With waterproof IP ratings, these radios can take a bath and still work perfectly.

Motorola XPR™ 5000e is the mobile radio of choice for field teams in construction and transportation.


Today’s digital two-way radios in New Jersey are designed to help people work smarter. They can be small, light, easy to use and store, such as the Motorola SL 3500e. Other models include more advanced features like a dedicated work order system to help people stay on top of tasks, like the SL 7000e.

Versatile Communications

Motorola digital two-way radios in New Jersey have a number of options on how you can communicate with your team. You can either select individual or go “channel-wide” and address everyone currently out working. Also, there is an option to stop and clear channels in case of an emergency so that emergency procedures can quickly be carried out.

Digital Enhancements

It’s not just smartphones that use digital technology, Motorola digital radios have voice and data communications. Modern models use data applications and can accept radio text messaging or email so that workers don’t have to switch between devices or wait until later to respond. Bluetooth® functionality is also available, so accessories that make communication easier can also be employed.

Safety Features

One area where cellular phones simply can’t compete is in dedicated safety features. Motorola digital radios in New Jersey have a whole range of safety features to keep your team safe and secure.

The man-down feature detects a user is horizontal and inactive. If the radio enters man-down mode, the radio sends out an alert on the channel. The lone worker feature is a great safety protocol for people isolated and out in the field. If your workers don’t check in at scheduled times, the radio can be programmed to send out an alert. These features, combined with GPS tracking on the radio, will help an emergency response come more quickly.

Get the Radio Coverage You Need

If you’re looking for a trusted, reliable Motorola radio dealer in New Jersey to enhance and secure your business communication, Wireless Inc. can help. Just contact our experienced team, explain your requirements, and we can help you understand which radio is best suited for your business. Your team will be more productive, more efficient and better connected.

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