Improve Your Officer’s Safety With Watchguard Cameras

Police officers often have to work in difficult conditions. Law enforcement officers around the country are facing more and more difficult challenges, from a lack of resources to an increase in calls. They need tools that help them do their jobs better, faster and safer. One of those tools is video surveillance.

The use of body-worn and in vehicle cameras by law enforcement is becoming more common in the Mid-Atlantic states as a way to improve transparency and accountability. A recent study found that when police officers wear body cameras, complaints against them significantly decrease. In addition, it’s a much more efficient way to capture evidence for future court appearances.

Motorola Watchguard Body Cameras

As a police officer, you know how important it is to have the right equipment for every situation. If your camera fails when you need it most, lives could be lost, and evidence could be destroyed. We get it; that’s why we only carry the best body cameras from Motorola Watchguard. Our selection of these top-quality police body cameras are built to last long shifts and capture crystal clear video with audio, even under extreme weather conditions or during physical activity such as running or fighting.

These top-of-the-line body camera systems allow law enforcement officers to capture crystal clear video evidence while keeping both hands free to respond quickly and safely during unexpected situations, like an active shooter scenario or traffic stop gone bad. The rugged design of the impressive body worn video cameras provides continuous operation well beyond a 12-hour shift, capturing crystal clear video and audio of everything you see – even at night. Choose Wireless as your trusted partner for Motorola Watchguard police body cameras.

Watchguard In-Vehicle Cameras

As a police officer, you know the importance of gathering as much evidence as possible when responding to an incident. Law enforcement agencies and officers are tasked with keeping the peace in their communities. As part of this duty, they must record evidence of crimes, accidents, and other events that take place while on patrol or at a scene. While traditional methods for gathering evidence such as written reports can be effective in some cases, video footage is often much more useful in court when it comes to proving what actually happened.

The Watchguard in car camera is a complete video recording system that automatically saves high-quality recordings from the cameras you choose, so there’s no need for officers to manually save them. With our unique Record-After-the Fact technology, recordings from excluded cameras stay on the hard drive for several days and can be retrieved later using Watchguard’s patented cloud backup service.

Watchguard License Plate Recognition Cameras

Having the right tools to catch criminals is critical for law enforcement, but it’s not always easy to identify a vehicle that may be involved in criminal activity. 

Watchguard License Plate Recognition helps officers quickly and easily detect and match license plates of interest from over 20 billion historical detections. This powerful solution can help your agency solve more cases, increase officer safety, and enhance community relations by providing real-time alerts about potentially dangerous vehicles in your patrol area.  

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There are many security cameras on the market today, but not all of them will give you the level of quality and performance that you need to keep your officers safe. Most police departments settle for low quality body worn cameras or in-car dash cams that aren’t reliable, don’t have a good battery life, and can’t be used as evidence if an officer is injured. That’s why we offer Watchguard Cameras – they’re designed with police in mind from top to bottom so you get a high-quality camera that captures everything it needs to get the job done. Contact Wireless today for more information on our Watchguard cameras.

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