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Safety, efficiency, and productivity are being redefined with Motorola Safety reimagined as the industry standard.

Safety has always been a top priority in many industries. However, safety protocols are constantly changing and Motorola Solutions continues to redefine what it means to be safe with Safety Reimagined. Safety Reimagined is Motorola’s vision for safer futures and how Safety Reimagined is changing the landscape for industrial business.

Safety, efficiency, and productivity are closely linked. Technologies that make us safer can also help us be more productive in our everyday work lives because they address the industry challenges of today with an eye on tomorrow’s possibilities. Motorola has made this a reality by designing one single platform for all safety technologies – voice communication, video surveillance, data management- to provide the most comprehensive solution possible to keep people safe from harm or injury.

Video Surveillance Reinvented with AI

Many people are still using traditional security cameras, which can be difficult to install and maintain.

The problem with this type of camera is that it’s difficult to determine the source of a sound or alert. You don’t know where to look for the issue. This makes it hard to pinpoint what’s going on in real-time. So you lose valuable time when something happens that should have been addressed immediately because you didn’t know about it until after the fact.

Employing Avigilon security cameras can help enhance safety at work. These tools are imperative for any commercial property with large open spaces where isolated incidents might go unnoticed without security cameras. This powerful tool utilizes a number of systems including licenses plate recognition cameras. The AI analytics used by Safety Reimagined analyzes different data to detect things such as:    

  • unauthorized access    
  • fire hazards   
  • unusual noises    
  • formation of an aggressive crowd

Safety Reimagined also benefits Safety Managers, Security Engineers, and Site Supervisors by providing them with:    

  • contextual information    
  • faster way of reporting dangerous situations    
  • accurate and real time analytics provided by Safety Intelligence Platform   
  • improved employee safety through better utilization of the AI Technology   

Safety Reimagined uses AI analytics and machine learning tools so that alerts from your video surveillance system get analyzed quickly by an algorithm, allowing you to see exactly what is happening right now so you can take action before anything bad happens. With Safety Reimagined, there’s no more waiting around for a human being (or several) to watch hours upon hours of footage in order find out what happened.

Video Analytics for the Workplace

How can you make your workplace safer?   

With the help of video analytics, visitors and staff can feel safer knowing that tools are in place providing real-time insights into property movements. The ability to analyze data in real-time while exploring multiple streams of video data allows for easy identification as well as unusual motion detection which allows proactive measures to be taken.   

Businesses are starting to realize that they need not only strong digital protections for their property but also real-time insight into what’s going on at all times—both inside and outside the building itself. When combined with Avigilon access control and video analytics this can provide actionable data when something unusual or out of place occurs on a company’s property.   

Safety Reimagined is the next step in building security. With Safety Reimagined, businesses are better positioned to know what’s happening at any given time. This allows for safe, real-time decision-making when it comes to protecting your business and its employees.  

Safety Reimagined isn’t just about knowing that something happened somewhere; it’s about being able to quickly respond by putting into action an appropriate plan based on what knowledge has been gathered from the data collected. In short Safety Reimagined is about predictability through situational awareness.    

Protect your employees and customers with a system that will identify suspicious activity before it becomes an issue.

Stay Connected With your Team

In the face of a crisis, one thing is certain: you need to communicate with your team. But how do you ensure that everyone hears the message at once and in real-time?    

The traditional way of communicating during an emergency can be slow and inefficient. There’s no guarantee that all staff will get the message at once or respond quickly enough to help in any given situation. With multiple ways to contact people these days, it’s hard for employees to know which method they should use in what situations.   

Safety Reimagined has streamlined workplace communication by providing a single platform where users can send alerts via text messages, emails and security radio broadcasts simultaneously without having to worry about whether everyone will receive them on time—or even hear them at all. This allows for quick response times and ensures that every employee has heard their alert when it matters most.   

Keep Everyone Informed in Real-Time

In today’s world, technology has made it easier for schools and workplaces to stay connected. However, the ability to connect with others is not always enough when an emergency situation arises. The lack of communication between individuals on campus or in the workplace can prove dangerous during a crisis situation.

By using Safety Reimagined, you will be able to keep your students and employees safe by giving them access to real-time video feeds and instant alerts through mobile devices, which allows you to send out information about what is going on without delay via a mass notification system.  

This solution allows all parties involved, including security personnel and local authorities, receive real-time updates on situations as they unfold through alerts sent via text message or email, live video feeds, two-way audio communications, or GPS tracking of devices (if needed). This means that no matter where you are located, you will always have access to communication tools when you need them most.

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As the world changes, Motorola Solutions is changing with it. Safety Reimagined is a vision for safer futures and how safety protocols are constantly evolving to meet industry demands of today and tomorrow. Contact Wireless Inc. to learn more about Safety Reimagined and what it can do for your Mid-Atlantic business.  

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