Motorola Radio Battery Care Tips for New Jersey Business

As a busy operations manager with a large team, you might not have time to review all of the documentation and develop expertise on your battery equipment. That’s why we’re offering this guide to help your operation get the maximum value from your Motorola radio batteries in New Jersey.

Create the Ideal Storage Environment for Your Batteries

Your batteries can only perform efficiently if they’ve been kept in a storage space designed to protect them. Make sure the Motorola radio batteries for your New Jersey business are stored in a well-ventilated environment. The ideal storage temperature for Motorola battery products is between 68°F and 86°F, and humidity should be limited.

Another consideration is the other products that you have stored with your Motorola radio batteries. Remember that batteries can be an explosion risk at certain temperatures. So, ensure that they are not stored near flammable materials.

Consider Battery Reconditioning

You may not be able to get the best performance from the battery in the days immediately after it has been taken out of storage. The data shows that batteries taken out of storage often take several charge/discharge cycles to achieve their optimal charging performance. Use these reconditioning cycles in combination with IMPRES multi-unit chargers to help improve the capacity of the Motorola radio batteries you’re using.

Remove the Battery from Radios After Use

New Jersey business managers often find that their Motorola radio batteries are drained when kept in the radio between shifts. This can be a waste of resources for your team and may require you to charge the batteries immediately again when you get to the office the next day. To make sure your Motorola radio batteries perform reliably and are ready for the next shift, ensure they are removed from radios and placed in storage.

Review the IP Rating

Take the time to review your Motorola batteries are designed for the IP rating needed for your work area. The IP rating is the level at which the battery will perform after dust or water contact. For high performing batteries, routinely clean the radio equipment carefully and make sure there is no dust or water in the battery compartment before use.

Analyze the Ideal Battery Charge State

Each battery is designed to be stored at a specific charge state to maintain its performance over its product lifetime. The optimal battery storage condition for your Motorola radio batteries is at a 30% to 50% charge.

Conduct a Monthly Cleaning and Inspection Process

One of the key mistakes many business managers make when working with Motorola radio batteries is that they don’t conduct regular cleaning and inspection of the battery contacts. Or, they leave this work to those who don’t have the required experience. Ensure you work with skilled members of your team to conduct monthly checks of the battery contacts for dust, dirt, and grime. You can clean the contact with a microfiber cloth to remove any debris and minimize potential safety hazards.

Invest in the Latest Battery Management Applications

Battery technology continues to evolve to help you and your team meet your performance objectives. When relying on batteries for two-way radio communication, it’s critical that they work to peak performance and that you have the right battery for working in tough conditions. That’s why you should be investing in the newest battery applications, such as IMPRES Battery Management.

When using the Motorola IMPRES management system, you can immediately see the condition of all batteries used by your team. Motorola IMPRES in New Jersey works to show you when a battery is below the minimum capacity for performance while on-shift, ensuring the battery can quickly be replaced. This level of proactive battery management is valuable to your growing business because it helps eliminate costly interruptions and downtime.

Another key advantage of working with Motorola IMPRES in New Jersey is that it helps decrease the need to add new battery inventory. You can maintain a clear birds-eye-view over your entire battery stock while managing your team and assets efficiently.

Turn to Wireless Inc. for the Latest Wireless Radio Accessories

Our trusted team at Wireless Inc. has helped many organizations across New Jersey choose quality Motorola radios and accessories for their businesses for over 20 years. We have decades of experience in wireless communications and understand the challenges facing your organization, as well as the opportunities for progress.

To learn more about working with Motorola IMPRES and Motorola radio batteries in your New Jersey business, call our team today at (888) 921-7731.

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