Motorola Two-Way Radios for Philadelphia Construction

There will always be a need for construction in America. We need infrastructures like sewers, electrical wiring, roads, and sidewalks to go about our daily lives. Unlike many other occupations, there’s a built-in amount of risk in construction.

One of the things that can make or break a construction project can be the lines of communication between management and workers. That’s one of the reasons why Philadelphia construction two-way radios are so vital in the workplace, whether that’s on the road getting materials, on-site building structures, or in the office analyzing plans.

High Degree of Risk in Construction Work

While construction workers do their job, they also rely on the safety measures in place. There are operational protocols and clothing requirements to keep workers safe, but some dangers arise regardless. Philadelphia construction workers—as an occupational hazard—face a higher degree of risk when they’re on the job site from things like:

  • Slips and trips
  • Falls, sometimes from a great height
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Injury from heavy-duty vehicles or equipment
  • Work-induced injuries like lower back pain
  • Shock from electrical sources
  • Blunt force trauma from getting hit by falling objects

Despite all of the extra exposure to risk, people depend on construction workers to do their job well and complete projects on time and on budget. You can make sure that your team meets expectations, mitigates risks, and stays safe by using Philadelphia construction walkie talkies.

Your Business Relies on Open Channels of Communication

Communication is an essential component of any good business, enterprise, or industry, but for construction, communication in real time is essential. There is a time and a place for sending emails or text messages. There are also times when immediate, coordinated communication is crucial, not just for completing tasks but also in emergency situations. While a cellular phone may be able to manage some of these tasks, dedicated Philadelphia construction two-way radios are superior for several reasons.

Two-Way Radios Have a Longer Range

Cellular communication has one major challenge; it can only operate within a few miles of a cellular phone tower. If one isn’t in place, cell phone use simply isn’t an option, which is a big problem for construction in rural or isolated areas. Philadelphia construction two-way radios like the Motorola XPR 3000e eliminate these challenges.

More Reliability from Motorola Communications

Another issue with cellular communication is that it is prone to many different types of interference. Too many people in an area trying to use the network can lock people out of communications, a common occurrence at concerts or sporting events.

Height can be another issue if a person is attempting to use a phone at an elevation much higher than the positioning of the local cellular tower. However, Philadelphia construction mobile radios like the Motorola XPR 5000e provide much more reliable communications and can even be mounted in vehicles traveling to remote areas.

Choose Durable Communication

Today’s cellular smartphones are very powerful, but also very delicate, and they’re no longer focused strictly on communication. As a result, when they are dropped or get wet, they can malfunction or cease to work entirely. However, Philadelphia construction walkie talkies like the Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 7000e are designed to be ergonomic, easy to use and stow, and built to take on heavy-duty usage and hostile environments that construction workers have to endure.

Ample Safety Features

The one area where Philadelphia construction walkie talkies easily outclass cellular communication is in safety features. Motorola has a suite of dedicated safety apps for construction. Workers in remote areas, for example, can use the Lone Worker app with its programmed check-in intervals to communicate that they are doing fine or need help.

For emergencies, the Man Down app can be used with Philadelphia construction walkie talkies that have an accelerometer built in. If the handset detects a worker is lying down and not moving for a set period, an alert is automatically issued. In both cases, the handsets themselves will also emit audio and visual signals to assist in locating the incapacitated person.

Buy the Right Radio System for You

Different construction projects will have different communications solutions. To find out which two-way digital radio is suitable, contact us at Wireless Communications Inc., An authorized Motorola dealer, we can help you find the Philadelphia construction two-way radios for your next construction project.

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