Quick Guide-Motorola DTR700 Radios for Retail Stores

If you’re looking to buy or rent two-way radios with a slim design for convenience and easy handling, DTR700 two-way radios are ideal for your Mid-Atlantic business. The Motorola DTR700 is great for on-site communications systems for retail, small schools, and hospitality and will help your team stay connected.

The Motorola DTR700

The Motorola DTR700 digital two-way radio (walkie talky) is ideal for workforces depending on clear communication. This radio offers extended coverage, enhanced audio performance, and single button operation, and can help your team easily relay information, stay on task, and perform at an optimal level. 

The DTR700 two-way radio offers programmable functions, packed within a rugged design for harsh environments. This radio is equipped with 50-channel capacity, improved coverage, and a reliable battery. The DTR700 two-way radios are ready to handle everything your team needs. 

Optimal features of the DTR700 two-way radios include: 

  • Prominent functional keys and color display  
  • Private calls within a group chat
  • Setting up unique profile IDs 
  • Loud and clear audio without static or dead zones 
  • Antimicrobial housing properties for stain and odor resistance 

Used in retail stores, personnel can easily communicate and coordinate restocking operations to help business flow and meet customer demands. For seasonal retailers, new staff can quickly adapt to the easy-to-use two-way radios provided. They can get up to speed fast and stay productive during busy holidays or tourist seasons. 

Eliminate Downtime With Clear Communication Tools

With staff members in the retaileducation, and hospitality industries working on their feet for long periods of time, internal communication can become difficult. Some of the major challenges include: 

  • Irregular hours, eliminating centralized communication meetings 
  • Limited access to computers 
  • Low retention rates
  • Distractions from personal devices 
  • Security risks from social media 
  • High turnover and seasonal positions 
  • Ongoing staff training 
  • High costs associated with hiring new employees

With most employees not having access to a computer on shift, radios become a primary tool for communication in fast-paced industries. Getting information out quickly and clearly can help your employees improve their job performance, increase customer satisfaction and provide your team the ability to tackle issues head-on. Get full details on top Motorola DTR700 Radios here. 

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