Why Motorola DTR Radios in Arlington Are So Popular

DTR Radios In Arlington

Motorola DTR Series radios in Arlington are known for their exceptional in-building coverage (350,000 sq. ft or 30 floors). The newest member to this series, the Motorola DTR 700 digital two-way radio, offers the latest technology to ensure you can communicate quickly and effectively with your team.

DTR Series

The Motorola DTR 700 in Arlington comes with advanced features and full compatibility with older DTR models (410, 510, 650) for easy transition to new radios at your own pace. The DTR Series are the only frequency hopping 900MHz radios on the market and do not require an FCC license to use, allowing you to free your time from regulatory paperwork, licensing applications, and the costs associated with compliance.

For professionals in schools, warehouses, retail, and property management, this series is especially advantageous. Personnel can easily communicate and coordinate operations to help business flow and meet the demands of the job. For seasonal workers, new staff can quickly adapt to the easy-to-use functions to start using their radios and supporting applications right away.

Design Features

With a slim rugged design perfect for any workplace, these radios come with one-to-one, customized groups, and one-to-many calling making it easy to connect with the right people when you need to. They also have an intuitive menu that makes key selection fast and easy.

With radio housing that contains built-in antimicrobial properties, these devices prevent the growth of mold and bacteria keeping them odor and stain resistant. This helps keep users healthy, reducing sick time caused by the spread of germs.

Privacy Options

You can set up your radio fleet with a unique 4-digit radio profile ID number that ensures group communication without interference and create a private group for the highest level of privacy. Private reply allows users to communicate with one another privately after a group transmission.

Call Options

Call all available – allows group transmissions across all channels to all radios not engaged on a call.
Page all available – allows one-way announcements across all channels to all radios not engaged on a call.
Direct call – allows one-to-one communications between users.
Instant mute – allows users to silence the radio.

  • More Features
  • Vivid color display
  • Crisp clear digital audio
  • Single-button operations
  • In-building coverage – up 350,000 sq. ft (or 30 floors indoors) with standard whip antenna


The Motorola DTR Series in Arlington will help your business boost productivity, reduce downtime, and improve your service. Flexible call options make contacting the right person or group easy and fast. All of this translates into cost savings and increased profits for your business.

Motorola Radio Accessories

To get the most out of your Motorola DTR 700 in Arlington, quality two-way radio accessories will help to personalize the experience to each user. By utilizing accessories, you can get a greater return on investment (ROI), improve user comfort, enhance team safety, and work more efficiently.

Popular accessories for Arlington Motorola DTR Radios include:

  • Swivel clip holsters – to wear radios on the beltline, leaving hands free
  • Single unit chargers and 6-pocket multi-unit chargers (MUC)
  • Swivel Earpiece with in-line microphone and push-to-talk
  • Surveillance kit with in-line microphone and rubber ear tip for comfort

Improving Operations with Digital On-Site Communications

With most staff members in the retail, education, and property management industries working on their feet for long periods of time, communication can become difficult. Some of the major challenges include:

  • Irregular hours
  • Limited access to computers
  • Low retention rates
  • Distractions from personal devices
  • Security risks from social media
  • High turnover and seasonal positions
  • Ongoing staff training
  • High costs associated with hiring new employees

With employees not having access to a computer on shift, radios become a prime tool for communication in fast-paced industries. Getting information out quickly and clearly with DTR radios can help your team improve their job performance, stay safe, and tackle issues head-on.


The importance of communication tools within the education system cannot be overstated. From campus security, to maintenance and grounds crews, all the way to department heads, teachers and professors. Using Motorola DTR radios in Arlington as a reliable way to communicate with one another for both day-to-day operations and emergencies helps keep students and faculty safe.


Those in the retail industry are using Motorola DTR digital radios to enhance the customer experience. Using two-way radios enables teams to communicate quickly from the front to the back. This allows staff to stay up to date on low stock items and provide customers with instant answers to their questions.

Security & Property Management

Security plays an important role in property management. Providing security professionals with instant access to communication at their fingertips can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Even in the everyday operations of running properties, access to instant communication can play a vital role in the success of your business.

Property management businesses such as commercial building management, office management, apartment complexes, can benefit from a sturdy and reliable two-way radio fleet like Motorola’s DTR Series in Arlington.

Our line of Motorola DTR portable radios in Arlington, Virginia is an easy solution for your small business communication needs. To get instant recommendations for digital two-way radios based on your unique business needs, try our free interactive Motorola Radio Selector Tool.

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