The Best Construction Two-Way Radios in Arlington

What to Look for in Construction Two-Way Radios in Arlington

Construction will always be one of the most demanding and, sometimes, risky industries. At the same time, it’s one of the most necessary. People need homes, offices, and manufacturing plants. Plus, there’s a whole world of infrastructure, sewers, power lines, bridges, and roads that need to be built and maintained in order for society to function.

Arlington has a strong construction industry to serve the area’s needs. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important, for both efficiency and safety, that members of the construction industry use two-way radios to communicate plans, changes to tasks, safety hazards, and more.

Risky Business

The construction industry is a line of work with a higher level of risk compared to most other occupations. Among the different hazards that face a worker on any given day, there are risks such as:

  • Accidents with heavy machinery or vehicles
  • Slipping, tripping, and falling
  • Handling hazardous materials
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Electric shock

There are a number of others risks that workers may be exposed to on-site as well. On top of this all, there’s still a need to work efficiently to make sure milestones are hit throughout the course of all big projects. Arlington construction radio walkie talkies can help your team stay aware of hazards and keep in touch.

Communication is Key

More than any other line of work, construction is about the efforts of a smoothly integrated, well-coordinated team, working together to complement each other’s duties. Communication is the key pillar of this industry. Without the ability to stay in touch, coordination, updates, emergency responses, or sudden requests cannot be dealt with effectively. While it’s true that smartphone and cellular communication networks can be useful, Arlington construction two-way radios are the superior choice concerning reliability, ruggedness, urgent responses, safety features, and more.

You Need a Wide-Ranging Network

A cellular network is limited in its wireless communication potential by the presence of cellular towers. If there isn’t one within a few miles, a phone is useless. Arlington construction two-way radios like the Motorola XPR™ 3000e can operate in radio to radio simplex mode for excellent communications around a worksite without fear of ever losing signal.

Instant Transmission & Responses Are Crucial to Teamwork

One of the main advantages of Arlington construction two-way radios is instant communications. To contact someone, you need to select that contact from your phone, let the dialing sequence play out, and connect before you can speak. However, radios like the Motorola XPR™ 5000e are always “on the channel” and broadcast a message instantly, either to a specific individual or everyone on the channel if required.

You Need Durable Devices

More than anything else, today’s smartphones are incredibly fragile and made mostly of glass. A small drop can damage the display, while exposure to heat, light, or water can often render these devices inoperable. Arlington construction radio communications solutions like the Motorola XPR™ 7000e are built to be both shock and waterproof. They can take the same exposure to a hazardous environment that the worker does and still be reliable.

Safety at the Forefront

Perhaps most important of all, Arlington construction two-way radios are built with maximum safety in mind. Arlington construction walkie talkies can come with extra features, such as lone worker and man-down applications. The lone worker app has a pre-programmed period where people must check-in to report their wellbeing. If they miss a check-in, escalating alerts go out to staff with each missed check-in. The man-down app recognizes body positioning, so if a person is horizontal and immobile, the radio automatically sounds an alert.

A manager can use GPS vehicle tracking system and clear channel functions to track down a worker. Arlington construction two-way radios take far more precautions to ensure rapid responses to protect workers and workplaces.

Find Out What You Need

Your workers need the right tools, and Wireless Inc. can help you get the radios you require! As Arlington, Virginia’s Trusted Motorola Radio Dealer, contact us today for the two-way digital radio system your construction team can trust. Whether it’s mounted in a vehicle or a handheld portable radio, we have the Motorola two-way radios that make your construction efforts more efficient, more cost-effective, and above all, more safe.

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