Wilmington Police Body-Worn Cameras Improve Officer Safety

According to a survey conducted by PoliceOne, 77% of officers say that video evidence has led to resolving a case or securing a conviction. Wilmington police body cameras and car cameras deliver accountability to members of the public. With today’s high-tech environment, it is increasingly more important for law enforcement officers and agencies to adopt this essential technology to keep up in the modern world.

What security systems can public safety and law enforcement agencies adopt to increase accountability and evidence capture?

Panasonic’s line of public safety cameras includes both car cameras and body-worn cameras to ensure the clarity and reliability of evidence while Wilmington Police officers are in the field.

Panasonic Vehicle Camera

Help your Wilmington, Delaware police officers gather camera video evidence on the road, from a traffic violation for running a red light to a high-speed chase, all with Panasonic car cameras designed for public safety.

The Panasonic Public Safety Solutions AS-1 Arbitrator 360 HD is a more efficient solution. These are Wilmington police car cameras that capture evidence when it is needed most. The system offers a variety of features that make sure high-quality evidence is captured every time. These features include:

  • Full HD 1080p front camera
  • Supports up to five cameras for full 360-degree video capture
  • Wireless microphone system with one-mile transmission radius from the receiver
  • Low-light technology
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Image stabilization and correction
  • Remote control and zoom features

The full system goes beyond the lens. The Panasonic Arbitrator 360° HD In-Car Video Evidence Solution records and manages video evidence in the vehicle and police department. The image quality, combined with simplified design and reliability, make Panasonic the clear choice for Wilmington police car cameras.

The specific nature of Wilmington police work demands that in-car cameras can withstand wear-and-tear while still delivering quality, reliable video capture. Intelligently engineered, Panasonic’s Arbitrator 360° HD camera system is tested for resistance to the elements, including vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and shock.

Recording can also be activated based on preset triggers, streaming live video from a vehicle to a station server for live dispatch surveillance.

Record Wilmington police actions for protection, accountability, and public record with Panasonic Arbitrator 360° HD car camera system.

Not all video evidence management is created equal, especially when it comes to body-worn cameras for Wilmington police. Panasonic offers a comprehensive solution that promotes accountability, reliability, and support on the frontlines of law enforcement.

Panasonic Arbitrator body-worn cameras are an investment in accountability of the Wilmington police force and should be selected with a few key features in mind to maximize the functionality and quality of the video evidence captured. Key features available within the Panasonic solution include:

  • HD video resolution
  • Pre-event recording
  • Resilient and flexible hardware to suit all uses and officers
  • File metadata for accurate video log information
  • Ample video storage
  • Secure data transfer, both offline and online

Panasonic Body-Worn Cameras for Wilmington Police

The Panasonic Arbitrator body-worn camera was built specifically for the field and designed for tough conditions that are standard in the life of a Wilmington police officer. A Panasonic body-worn camera, coupled with the Panasonic ToughBook, is the perfect solution. The tough design has withstood severe smoke and heat in the case of a fire in a vehicle, still maintaining power when many other items did not.

The durability of the system, including the body cameras, the recording system, and even the batteries, has been tested against rigorous environmental standards like the MIL-STD-810G. The MIL-STD-810G is the Military Standard set by the United States, demonstrating durability during waterproof and drop tests.

The Remaining Piece of the Puzzle

The final element that Panasonic considers in this well-rounded solution is data storage. This often-unforeseen need results in costly fees since footage from Wilmington police body-worn cameras generates a variable amount of data, depending on the agency. That is why Panasonic created the perfect flexible data management solution for Wilmington police body-worn cameras.

Panasonic’s data management system allows for cloud data storage that is secure. The Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) server allows secure transfer of data from on-premise storage to cloud or long-term archives. Panasonic’s storage solution is tiered for customizable data storage to suit your agency perfectly.

In the end, body-worn cameras will help Wilmington, Delaware police officers increase credibility while reducing the risk to evidence or of legal repercussions.

The use of technology in the field can provide significant evidence that helps protect public safety, and also protect Wilmington police officers when they are on duty. Apprehend with the best cameras on the market. Contact Wireless Inc. online or at 888-921-7731 to learn more about Panasonic cameras for officer safety.

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