Your Guide to Motorola Two-Way Radio Systems in Baltimore

Motorola offers a comprehensive line of two-way radio systems in Baltimore. Each system has a wide variety of features to ensure that every operational need is considered, but it can be hard to decide which solution is right for you.

Wireless Inc. is dedicated to delivering dependable communication solutions through education. As a result, we’ve developed this comprehensive guide of the top Motorola radio systems that can be found in Baltimore.

Motorola Private Two-Way Radios Systems

Motorola digital two-way radio fleets aren’t complete without a dependable single-site or multi-site commercial trunking solution. Equipped with one of the MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems, your business can connect team members instantly, monitor job progress, and manage departments across one site or a number of sites. Four leading Motorola radio systems stand out when considering the needs of businesses in Baltimore.

Capacity Plus

The Motorola Capacity Plus radio system offers a higher call capacity, greater coverage, voice and data messaging, system-wide calling, and easy migration.

A higher call capacity allows your business to deliver up to five times more data than analog radio trunking systems. Larger teams welcome the benefit of greater coverage with as much as 12 digital voice talk paths, 24 dedicated data paths, and, ultimately, 1,200 radio users. Voice and data are integrated with Capacity Plus. Users have access to GPS location services, text messaging, and more from their radio fleet without missing a beat.

Team communication has become even easier with industry-leading technology in two-way radio systems for Baltimore through Wireless Inc. If you already have existing MOTOTRBO systems, a simple software upgrade allows you to integrate new two-way radios. Continue using your existing fleet without the considerable financial investment of replacing every radio with compatible models.

IP Site Connect

Make the most of your Motorola radio system in Baltimore with an IP Site Connect implemented into your operations. Extend the coverage of your system with IP Site Connect. Your team will be able to communicate effectively within the same vicinity and also across state or even country lines. When selecting the IP Site Connect for your business, you can expect wide area coverage, full voice and data support, and seamless two-way radio system migration, all at a cost-effective price point.

Full voice and data support allow your team to confidently adopt a new radio system. Similar to the Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect can be easily implemented into your business. We can even help with replacing your existing single-site two-way radio system.

When your work crosses borders, it’s time to start thinking about IP Site Connect as your solution. An effective two-way radio system needs to extend beyond the standard coverage in Baltimore.

Capacity Max

With Capacity Max, a Motorola radio system, your business in Baltimore can experience heightened communication performance, without excessive costs. Top features of this particular model include work order ticketing, emergency alerts, and centralized control.

Centralized control allows your business to manage your system, including over-the-air software updates and device management. This two-way radio system also delivers on the security front as well. Capacity Max allows you to encrypt all voice, data, and traffic. You can also remotely disable a device when a unit is lost or stolen.

The Capacity Max two-way radio system allows your growing business to scale seamlessly. This system can accommodate up to 250 sites and 3,000 users per site.

Unified Team Communications

In many circumstances, your workforce is comprised of many different types of personnel. While some employees use two-way radios to communicate, others may rely on cellular devices. This Motorola radio system connects two-way portable and mobile radios, smartphones, desk phones, and computers together, leading to a unified wireless communications system.

Choose Wireless Inc.

For a complete overview of the Motorola radio systems and communications equipment that are available for rent or purchase in Baltimore, visit our breakdown of MOTOTRBO system types.

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