3 Ways Avtec Dispatch Consoles Help the Safety and Productivity of Your Dispatch Center

Dispatch centers are often called on to handle a wide range of critical incident communications during their workday. This can be overwhelming for the dispatchers who need access to tools that give them efficient distribution of data across various platforms and technologies that ensure everyone’s well-being gets attention quickly, regardless of the type of emergency.

As the amount of communications sent continues to grow, the risk of significant safety and productivity issues increases. Additionally, many dispatch centers are using outdated technology that can’t handle the workload during a large emergency. This can lead to major delays in communication and response to critical situations.

What your dispatch center needs is an Avtec dispatch conswirelessole. But, what is a dispatch console? Plainly put, dispatch consoles are an important link in managing field operations. Dispatch consoles allow dispatchers to monitor the safety of their personnel and respond quickly when necessary. Avtec’s dispatch consoles are a must-have for dispatch centers looking to stay ahead of the game. These versatile consoles can handle radio, telephone and broadband/LTE technologies with ease – all while providing excellent audio quality.

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Consistency and Dependability

Dispatch centers need an easy-to use interface and high stability system with built-in redundancies to ensure quick response times. Avtec dispatch consoles offer a NENA interface as well as support of two radios per device for maximum efficiency of managing calls coming into your center.

With Avtec network connections and advanced radio controls, Avtec dispatch consoles offer the ability to make all types of emergency calls using just one headset, which will ensure a rapid response on the scene when needed most.

Security and Safety

Third-party applications are often targeted by hackers because they provide a point of entry into the company’s primary panel. Avtec consoles protect against these risks keeping your system safe and dependable with Motorola APX™ integration. With Motorola APX integration, enterprise networks can mitigate risk from network attacks by rapid user ID generation and allow channel change in case of emergencies. Decreasing the dangers associated with wireless communications is easy when you have built-in security features such as those found within the Avtec dispatch console.

Two-Way Radio Integration and Intuitive Design

The difference between success and failure can sometimes come down to seconds. Avtec’s dispatch consoles are a key component to ensuring safety with effortless integration within today’s communications systems. They deliver a seamless integration to your existing radio equipment whether it’s a conventional or trunked radio system.

Avtec dispatch consoles also support some APX public safety two-way radios and PTT over cellular for public safety professionals who need an efficient way of staying connected with their dispatchers at all times – especially during emergencies when focus should be on updates and situational awareness rather than multitasking between two different types of communications systems. With Avtec, MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios can also be equipped with location services for an extra layer of safety.

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If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line dispatch console in the Mid-Atlantic states, Avtec dispatch consoles from Wireless are exactly what you need. These consoles are reliable and efficient, and can handle any communication technologies your dispatch center might need. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your dispatch center. Our technical experts are looking forward to hearing from you!

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