Motorola Watchguard Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers today have a challenging job. They face several factors that endanger their well-being and the public’s safety. Officers continually put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, and with long hours and stress, the pressure is enormous. Having recorded evidence can help boost public trust and help officers do their jobs safely and more effectively. Unfortunately, many times police officers in the Mid-Atlantic states are not able to provide credible video evidence for prosecution of offenders because they don’t have any documented proof of what happened. This can lead to innocent people going to jail, or criminals getting off scot-free.

Body-worn cameras have been acknowledged as a great tool for law enforcement agencies. The footage they provide can be used in court to protect officers and civilians from false accusations of wrongdoing or negligence.

Motorola WatchGuard Body Cameras

The right body camera can be the difference between life and death. That’s why Wireless provides top-quality Motorola cameras that are built for law enforcement today. The WatchGuard Body Cameras last long shifts, capture crystal clear video with audio no matter what condition you’re in. Whether you’re a police officer on patrol or in the station, having access to high-quality equipment like Motorola WatchGuard’s body cameras will ensure your safety and protection.

WatchGuard Body Camera Features

The Motorola WatchGuard is a durable and high-quality body worn camera that comes with enhanced features to solve some of today’s pressing law enforcement challenges. It’ll withstand the daily rigors officers face in their profession without getting in their way, such as long battery life or swappable batteries for coverage on different shifts; an easy connection between officers in vehicle video systems; plus, it records 3X more footage than other similar models.

Additionally, with 128GB of memory and exceptional high-level video encryption, the WatchGuard body worn camera is a powerful patrol camera with features specifically designed for law enforcement. The system can record continuously for hours without running out of space. It also integrates seamlessly into Motorola’s unified voice data platform, so you never miss any critical information during your shift or investigation thanks to its intuitive interface.

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Motorola WatchGuard cameras are the best way to help ensure your officers safety and security. WatchGuard Cameras from Motorola Solutions deliver high-quality footage, long battery life and evidence storage solutions to help your department protect our community 24/7. Contact the experienced professionals at Wireless to inquire about our body worn camera grants in Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey, and to develop a customized Motorola WatchGuard video solution for your department.

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