5 Communication Problems Solved with Two-Way Radio Repeaters

Radio signals in the Mid-Atlantic states can be spotty, especially in large or modern buildings or areas with low signal strength. This can make it difficult for employees to communicate effectively. Not being able to communicate properly can lead to frustration, accidents and wasted time and resources.

At Wireless, we offer two-way radio repeaters to help amplify your existing communications. By improving your radio system in low signal workplaces, your workforce will be better equipped to get the job done.

How Two-Way Radio Repeaters Benefit Your Business

The biggest problem that businesses face while using two-way radios is distance and inbuilding coverage. People must be within a certain range of the receiving radio and if they are not, then it becomes very difficult communicate.

A repeater is used by businesses as a boost between two-way radio users to cover a large area. First, it receives a frequency from two-way radios. Then it re-transmits the message at another frequency in real-time at a higher wattage. At its core, a two-way radio repeater consists of a receiver, transmitter, and base station antenna. With this type of infrastructure component, your employees can receive and transmit signals at a higher power. This allows for better team communications throughout your entire operation. 

The size of the repeater solution your business requires depends on your current system and your communication goals. At Wireless, our two-way radio repeater experts will help you determine what equipment works best for your industry, workforce, and communication issues.

1. Improving Poor Coverage

The most common reason for adding a repeater is to improve poor coverage. This problem commonly occurs in industries such as construction and long-haul trucking. Repeaters allow communication over longer distances, so your crew can relay important messages and stay productive. Examples include:

  • Relaying critical information instantly and securely
  • Tracking assets at all times
  • GPS capabilities for better scheduling and delivery coordination
  • Increased safety for employees in remote areas

Using accessories with two-way radio repeaters also help to maximize your equipment and budget. You can upgrade your fleet at any time, managing your equipment needs as your business grows.

2. Inbuilding Radio Communications

Two-way radio repeaters increase signal strength for businesses operating in a building with multiple floors, heavy concrete, basements, and other physical barriers. Industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare use repeaters to ensure that their employees communicate instantly, rather than having to relocate to a room for better reception in their large facility. Examples of employees benefiting from increased signal strength include:

  • Manufacturing line workers controlling workflow without ever leaving their station
  • Hotel staff being able to help guests while simultaneously checking with the front desk to ensure their room is ready
  • Hospitals communicating concerns to keep staff, patients, and families up to date in emergency situations

To take productivity even further, most industries in Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey are enabling work teams with hands-free two-way radio accessories to improve team safety and efficiency. Improving your infrastructure further can help your employees stay productive, connected, and efficient.

3. Expanding Group Channels

Being able to coordinate with multiple groups can help streamline business, relay important information, and keep employees and customers safe. Industries such as security, recreation, events, and property management benefit from using repeaters to keep their teams connected.

With open lines of communication, your employees can plan, implement, and solve problems faster and more efficiently. Your clients will have peace of mind knowing that they can get up-to-date information on current projects, operations, and safety.

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4. Increased App Support

Wireless offers two-way radio repeaters with enhanced features to make complex communications simple. By using a digital repeater, your team can ensure that applications work to their full potential. Examples include:

  • Work order ticketing
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Text messaging and Text-To-Speech
  • Integrated accelerometer for Man Down
  • Lone Worker 

With Motorola two-way radio applications, your team can get the information they need quickly and easily. Adding repeater services with enhanced coverage capabilities to your system allows for over-the-air software updates. This helps to make managing your radio fleet simple and streamlined.

5. Reaching a Wider Range

With employees on the move, wide-area coverage helps keep everyone connected at all times. Two-way radio repeaters keep those on the road connected to logistics coordinators and other team members for true dispatch, one-to-many communication. They also help public safety and government departments keep track of people and assets on the move.

Since your workforce is out of the office or in the field every day, they rely on instant, clear communication channels to get the job done. Our repeater systems maximize coverage in your region, always keeping your staff within range.

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Our business two-way radio solutions team will help design a complete, scalable communications system to meet your organizational needs. For complete details or for more information on our two-way radio repeaters, please contact us. 
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