How the Healthcare Industry is Increasing Safety In Baltimore

Baltimore Motorola Digital Radios Improve Hospital Patient Safety

As the healthcare industry grows, effective communication is becoming increasingly important to manage patient influx. Baltimore Motorola digital radios can help your healthcare agency set the standard when it comes to patient and staff safety in emergencies. From long-term care facilities to large hospitals, Motorola’s digital radios expand to meet the needs of every Baltimore healthcare application.

Professional Two-Way Radios for Safety and Security

Our Baltimore area Motorola two-way radios improve wireless communications in your facility and also help prevent assault to patients and staff. OSHA reports that 75% (18,750) of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings. The Joint Commission, in the same report, indicates that 93% of assaults on healthcare workers are by patients or customers. These alarming statistics can be changed with the help of instant communication.

Proper radio communications equipment with sufficient safety features and call range need to be in place in order to facilitate safety and security measures for all individuals in a healthcare work environment. Dead zones, dead batteries, and dropped calls are no excuse. These problems can be eliminated with the help of Baltimore Motorola professional two-way radios.

Features Designed for Healthcare Demands

At the push of a button, your Baltimore healthcare facility’s communication needs are met with Motorola digital two-way radio walkie talkies. Motorola radios are designed with the unique demands of the healthcare industry in mind and are HIPAA compliant.

The small details matter. For instance, Motorola two-way radio batteries are long-lasting, so you can rest assured the radios will work over multiple shifts. On a larger scale, we can deliver solutions to maximize the radio system in your Baltimore medical facility, including MOTOTRBO digital radios and in-building coverage solutions. Easily communicate with ambulance services, transportation dispatch within the hospital, lab services, and security personnel.

Beyond the radio, Wireless Inc. can provide your facility with a well-rounded solution, complete with Toughbook tablets and laptops. Equipped to handle the challenging nature of healthcare, tablets and laptops are built to run fast and last. Features of this equipment include:

  • Patient record updates
  • Ability to view X-rays and lab results from anywhere in the building
  • Prescription information exchange
  • Real-time access to patient information and schedules
  • GPS tracking and barcode scanning
  • Easily sanitized and durable design

Choosing Your Two-Way Radio Solution

Among our many ranges of Baltimore Motorola professional two-way radios, three series stand out for healthcare applications. The Motorola XPR3000e series, Motorola SL300, and Motorola EVX-S24. Our guide below will help you understand which two-way radio solution will provide the most value for your Baltimore healthcare facility.

Motorola XPR3000e Series

  • 16 to 128 available channels
  • Submersible
  • Channel voice announcement
  • Programmable buttons
  • 3-year warranty

XPR3000e series radios include:

  • XPR3500e
  • XPR3300e
  • Motorola SL300
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Channel voice announcement
  • Compatibility with analog radios
  • Shatterproof display

SL300 radios include:

  • SL300 Active View Display
  • SL300 Non-Display
  • Motorola EVX-S24 Digital Portable Radio
  • Battery saver and low-battery alert
  • Multiple scan options
  • Submersible and dust-proof

Motorola professional two-way radios are continually chosen among Baltimore healthcare facilities and related work environments for their reliability and sound quality. Give your Baltimore team the discreet and lightweight solutions they need. Treat patients safely, securely, and effectively with the power of Baltimore Motorola professional two-way radios.

Improve Efficiency With Motorola Digital Radios

Baltimore healthcare agencies are learning the true value of Motorola solutions when it comes to safety, service, and efficiency. Beyond Baltimore state lines, Indiana’s hospitals stay ahead of the pack with advanced communication solutions and devices.

Tracking personnel movements and text messaging inform

Improve Safety and Security Today!

More Baltimore healthcare agencies are equipping their teams with Motorola digital two-way radios. Will yours be one of them? Communicate across departments, floors, and locations with the precision and clarity found only in Baltimore Motorola professional two-way radios. Talk to one of our Motorola Solutions experts at Wireless Inc. for a free product demo of our healthcare solutions.

Looking to rent instead? Ask us about our short-term and long-term radio rental options. Don’t worry, just because you’re renting doesn’t mean your options are limited. Get full access to the best Motorola two-way radios, accessories, repeaters, and more.

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