How Tough Are Your Arlington Motorola Two-Way Radio Batteries?

How Tough Are Your Motorola Radio Batteries in Arlington?

If you want uninterrupted communications solutions in essential situations, you need a dependable battery to power your equipment. Motorola radio batteries in Arlington are reliable, high-performing, have been proven tough, time after time.

Visit our website for a full catalog of Motorola two-way radio batteries here. Our team will ensure you get the right Motorola solutions radio batteries in Arlington for your two-way radio fleet. Your workers can stay safe, productive, and focused on the job.

Anatomy of a Tough Battery

Batteries need to be durable to perform in construction, manufacturing, and security industries. Motorola radio batteries in Arlington are built to work in the toughest environments.

Premium Cells

Motorola cells are designed with higher capacity and a longer life cycle. These cells are uniform and well made to provide reliable, long-lasting performance in virtually every battery.

Flexible Copper Circuitry

Circuit boards are more reliable than thin wires for internal battery connections. They also tolerate higher levels of impact force. Ideal for continuous use when handled with the rough nature of the job.

Shock-Absorbing Padding

Dampening shock and vibration inside the battery with shock-absorbing materials help to protect the cell pack and circuitry.

Durable Polycarbonate Plastic

This type of plastic is used for the battery housings, for optimal protection and performance. The robust design helps ensure that your battery performs in the harshest conditions.

On the production line or construction site, at a crash or in the line of fire, your workers rely on a two-way radio that operates continuously. If your batteries aren’t working at all times, your team isn’t working. That’s why our clients trust Motorola radio batteries in Arlington.

Motorola Battery Testing

When your business needs reliable tech in Arlington Motorola IMPRES battery is what you need. It’s tested in a variety of conditions, including drops, electric shocks, vibrations, and other hazards. It has outperformed the rest and is suitable for a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Supervisors walking down an assembly line
  • Hospitality managers making rounds at their hotels
  • Construction crews jackhammering roads
  • Maintenance workers operating heavy equipment
  • Officers getting in and out of squad cars in cold weather

If your workers are liable to have their radios bumped on a ride, rattled by heavy equipment, or shocked by static electricity, a Motorola IMPRES battery will stay true and stand tough. You can protect your system, workforce, and business operations with rigor-tested Motorola batteries.

Radio batteries that stop when dropped, break when shook, or fail when shocked aren’t a bargain. If a radio li-ion battery dies, and your radio stops, your workforce can’t do their job.

Intrinsically Safe Options

In flammable and potentially explosive conditions, intrinsically safe (IS) equipment is needed to ensure workers and operations remain safe. IS two-way radios and batteries ensure that no sparks or electrical energy are emitted from the device to combustible atmospheres.

Motorola radio batteries meet high standards for IS options. You can provide your workforce with the equipment they need in a hazardous environment. We have a wide selection of two-way radios, batteries, multi-unit chargers, and IMPRES battery chargers. You can keep your workers on task, connected, and safe while on the job.

Motorola manufactures, engineers, and tests its batteries to stringent specifications in order to make sure they withstand the most unforgiving environments. Your workforce can be confident that our two-way radio batteries perform reliably when they need them most.

IMPRES technology

The IMPRES energy system is an automated battery maintenance technology. It delivers accurate information on every IMPRES battery in your fleet. With enhanced diagnostics, you can manage your batteries and customize battery charging and reconditioning. Your team is able to communicate no matter what their job demand.

Key features of IMPRES technology include:

  • Charge batteries faster
  • Monitor battery life
  • Disable calibration for superior control
  • Optimize battery life with customizable settings
  • Read data quickly and easily with integrated displays
  • Extended talk time and performance
  • Options for IP ratings, warranty, and multi-unit chargers

By providing your team with batteries that have IMPRES technology, you gain an easy and efficient way of monitoring your equipment. You will have control over your operations with automated maintenance. Focus on communicating with your workforce with equipment that lasts.

In Arlington, Motorola Solutions IMPRES battery technology equips you with the tools your workers demand. Workers can now communicate efficiently and safely no matter what environment they’re in.

For a complete list of batteries, chargers, and accessories, check out our Accessories Catalog today.

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