Quick Guide: Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

Police have one of the most challenging jobs in our communities. Law enforcement agencies face various threats and risks that jeopardize their well-being and public safety. Officers continually put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, and with long hours, and stress, the pressure is enormous. Police officers are expected to remain calm under pressure, play by the book, and provide credible evidence for prosecution of offenders.

Luckily, body-worn cameras are helping police officers with their duties. These handy devices allow officers to document incidents, record interactions, and provide valuable review and analysis for training and during the court process

Better Transparency

A strong and healthy work culture helps law enforcement agencies operate efficiently. Fostering a culture of accountability builds trust between the police and the communities they serve. The public cooperates with law enforcement if they believe them to be reliable and trustworthy. Body-worn cameras are an excellent way to build public trust and supercharge crime-fighting efforts.

Body-worn camera technology eliminates potential legal roadblocks by removing doubt and bias. They make it easy to establish the chain of evidence custody and circumstances surrounding an arrest. Cameras capture incidents in real-time and record the incident. Officers can later upload the footage to the evidence management system for review and analysis.

A review of the footage plus the audio recording can help clarify the events that lead to an arrest and ensure no suspect gets off on a technicality. Police chiefs can also identify shortcomings and procedure breaches. Quick intervention can help rectify the issues and improve service delivery and build the agency’s reputation.

Wireless has partnered with Motorola WatchGuard and Panasonic Body-Worn Cameras and can guide you in choosing the right solution for your environment. Learn more about how Wireless can help you pick the best body-worn cameras and equipment for your Mid-Atlantic department.

Motorola Watchguard and Panasonic Body-Worn Cameras

These are the two best-in-class body-worn cameras for law enforcement agencies on the market. They couple innovative features and technology to deliver the best experience and operate in the most challenging environments. 

WatchGuard V300 Body-worn Camera

The WatchGuard V300 comes with enhanced features to solve some of the pressing law enforcement challenges.

  • Handy and durable design. It’ll withstand the daily rigors of law enforcement duties without getting in the way.
  • Long battery life. A 12-hour battery records 3X more footage and doesn’t need frequent recharging.
  • Swappable battery packs. Battery packs let officers cover different shifts with the same camera. They also lower the number of cameras you need to run a department.
  • Integrates with in-car video systems. The body camera syncs with the in-car video system to record synchronized video from multiple vantage points.
  • 128 GB of memory. The WatchGuard V300 can record continuously for hours without running out of space.
  • High-level video encryption. There’s no unauthorized access or accidental loss of video footage.
  • Secure wireless uploading of digital footage. Wireless connection allows for faster uploads to cloud-based or on-premises evidence management systems.
  • Integrates with Motorola’s unified voice data, video, and analytics ecosystem. Allows for quick detection and analysis to improve safety and operational efficiency.

Panasonic Arbitrator-BWC

Panasonic Arbitrator is a lightweight body camera that comes in a one or two-piece design. It provides officers with a reliable way to record footage in all situations.

  • Rugged IP67 construction. It is impervious to sand and dust and can work for at least 30 minutes underwater.
  • Military-grade certified. It’s MIL-STD-810G certified and will withstand vibrations, shocks, dust, and water to deliver superior performance.
  • Multiple resolutions. The camera has three recording modes – 1080p, 720p, and 360p — to fit your specific needs and space availability.
  • It’s compatible with Evidence Management Software. It’s easy to upload video footage to the department’s evidence management system.
  • In-built GPS. You can track an officer’s location if they’re unreachable or out of network coverage.
  • Inbuilt Gyroscope. The body camera remains upright when recording to deliver quality footage.
  • Bluetooth enabled. Operates as an independent unit without cumbersome cables and lines.

Technology Partners

Wireless has partnered with Panasonic Body-Worn Cameras & Motorola WatchGuard to bring you the best, most up-to-date body-worn camera technology in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Learn more about the available body-worn cameras so you can pick the very best equipment for your officers.

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