Streamline your business with Motorola ION Smart Radio

With the global competitive landscape businesses and organizations are adopting new technologies that align with the market dynamics. This requires entrepreneurs and business managers in the Mid-Atlantic states to focus more on boosting productivity through collaboration. The fastest way of achieving production targets is adapting operations that make teams more efficient by ensuring they are all connected across networks and devices.  

The MOTOTRBO ION smart radio has the potential of unleashing your employees for using manual data entry, streamlined devices, on a coordinated network. This advanced Motorola Digital Radio will ensure your workforce is properly streamlined towards achieving your organizational goals.   

The MOTOTRBO ION device is a simple, smart radio that offers reliable voice, data, and multimedia communication capabilities. This is a next-generation device that was recently launched by Motorola Solutions to help businesses in the transportation, hospitality, and manufacturing industries run their operations smoothly. With a smart radio that allows management and various teams in different levels of production to collaborate seamlessly, the sky is the limit.  

Business Critical Data & Voice Device 

Motorola ION provides you with seamless integration of a wide range of voice and broadband data applications that successful businesses depend on for critical data and workflows. Your teams can communicate and connect via voice and data over existing networks. The smart radio comes with a built-in feature called Voice Handover that switches users to broadband connectivity wherever they roam past the radio’s signal coverage range.   

Motorola ION smart radio employs best in class network security defense approach that protects your business from cyber-attacks. The security system has multiple layers of security designed to block unauthorized device access and cybercriminals. This way, your sensitive data is safeguarded. ION allows users to access various android apps and external data without worry because the system’s network security and real-time threat monitoring is top-notch.  

Working with the right wireless services will help you make the right decisions when choosing a modern communication ecosystem to improve your business workflows. Learn more about the innovative features of the MOTOTRBO ION smart radio to stay ahead of the competition during this challenging period.  

Have One Network

The device has a camera and smart touchscreen that lets your employees use clear photos in their work tickets and chat via video when executing remote diagnostics. They can also exchange detailed images, videos, and diagrams flawlessly. So, apart from the push-to-talk capabilities that the smart radio provides, your workforce will also enjoy scanner, tablet, and smartphone features.   

A smart device that offers you voice and data capabilities is perfect for accessing priceless datasets, including mobile apps, inspection forms, system diagrams, and weather forecasts. All this data will come in handy in helping you boost your workforce’s efficiency.  

Changing your operations and the way your employees communicate with each other in your organization can be an overwhelming undertaking. But, by hiring the right wireless services, you’ll get a better understanding of how to deploy your next wireless communication system.   

Learn more about the features to look for in a smart radio.  

Coordinate Everyone

Be assured that everyone will stay connected to one another while at work. With this business-ready device, you can deploy your smart radios in the field much faster and keep them operational for longer. The device relies on a cloud-based configuration that allows your employees to access updates remotely in real-time.  

Deploying and maintaining your ION fleet doesn’t cause any downtime on your end. Therefore, your IT department won’t waste valuable time managing devices but rather stay focused on attending to the core tasks at hand.  

Learning how to use this device is a breeze. The speakers deliver clear audio quality to make sure the receiver is heard during emergencies. The radio has a rugged touchscreen and an ultra-strong material on its surfaces to ensure it is resilient to accidental impacts.     

The radio uses long-life batteries for increased reliability. All this is to make sure that all your employees are connected as one at all times.  

Motorola Solutions is known for its excellent audio competencies. This particular smart radio has a dual-microphone noise-cancelling feature that makes its audio signal crystal clear even when communicating in noisy environments.   

In addition, the device has a Wind Noise Suppressor that switches a user into a Speaker-as-Mic mode in case it is too windy for clear communications. The smart radio is also designed to ensure audio quality is not compromised when more than one radio is used near each other via its Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppressor feature. Speaker intelligibility is enhanced by the radio’s increased crest factor of the speaker. 


Wireless Inc. offers you a business-ready communication ecosystem that will transform your Mid-Atlantic business and make it more competitive. Whatever your communication requirements are, you can rest assured that MOTOTRBO ION smart radio will satisfy your needs. Contact our experts for a DEMO today to learn more on how ION can help you boost overall productivity. 
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